With Olsen Light, you receive a little more than just a regular WordPress theme. Because of this, many of the free themes on the market today resemble premium solutions rather than common items. This is a blogging theme and it has all the branding elements needed for your blog. Social media buttons are tools that help you connect with customers, and they’re not limited to Facebook and Twitter. There are dozens of other outlets. Use these buttons to tell a little more about yourself. Provide a list of your past posts to give readers a sense of what you do or say. Include some details about your personal life as well, but don’t write a novel.

The fact that this theme is a full-width WordPress theme with responsive layouts is a major selling point. The more mobile users on the site, the more effective it will be. Along with color tools, threaded comments, and a translation-ready interface, your customers will also have easy access to their favorite social media sites.

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